Workshop in Discrepancy Theory

12th to 18th June 2016 - Villa Cipressi - Varenna - Italy

The workshop will be held in honour of Prof. Jiří Matoušek and Prof. Klaus Roth.


Dmitriy Bilyk (University of Minnesota), Luca Brandolini (Università di Bergamo), William Chen (Macquarie University Sydney), Anand Srivastav (Kiel University) and Giancarlo Travaglini (Università di Milano-Bicocca).

The Workshop is partially supported by Dipartimento di Matematica e Applicazioni, Università di Milano-Bicocca and Dipartimento di Ingegneria gestionale, dell'informazione e della produzione, Università di Bergamo.

Universit degli studi di Bergamo  Universit degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Scope of the Workshop

Discrepancy theory is currently at a crossroads between number theory, combinatorics, Fourier analysis, algorithms and complexity, probability theory, and numerical analysis. Its current applications range from traditional science and engineering to modern computer science and financial mathematics.

In the last 15 years, several conferences on discrepancy theory addressed the integrated view on discrepancy theory, like Discrepancy Theory and its Applications, Kiel 1998 (org.: Matousek, Srivastav) and Oberwolfach 2004 (org.: Chazelle, Chen, Srivastav), and Discrepancy Theory and Related Areas, Varenna 2007 (org.: Chen, Srivastav, Travaglini). In these meetings a vivid exchange of ideas and concepts between different fields in discrepancy theory was visible, as well as the need for an integrated presentation of discrepancy theory and its applications, which might be helpful to bridge the various areas, with focus on the state of the art.

This workshop is devoted to celebration of the lives and work of Prof. Jiří Matoušek and Prof. Klaus Roth, who have shaped the field of discrepancy theory and its applications. It is our obligation and pleasure to sincerely contribute to the further advancement of the discrepancy theory in the true spirit of our esteemed colleagues Prof. Jiří Matoušek and Prof. Klaus Roth.